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Shunga - Garden of Edo Organic Intimate Collection
Manufacturer: Shunga
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Shunga - Garden of Edo Organic Intimate Collection

„Garden of Love“ is a collection for intimate moments, dedicated to those who are passionate about lovemaking and nature.

“Erotic” Massage Oil 250 ml
featuring a blend of certified organic refined vegetable oils infused with the succulent flavour of exotic green tea.

Toko “Organica” Lubricant 165 ml
made with pure vegetable glycerine and a natural corn by-product, both certified organic. Its delicate texture and endless sensual lubricity intensify sensations for prolonged moments of intimacy.

“Intimate Kisses” Aphrodisiac Oil 100 ml
Pour a few drops on your partners erogenous zones, tenderly blow warm breath over the area, and languorously lap up the exotic green tea flavour to build up to the peak of pleasure.

“Lotus Noir” Sensitizing Gel 60 ml
The gel heigthens clitoral sensitivity and can be her ticket to multiple orgasms, while it enhances sensations in the head of his penis. It’s all you need to get you on the road to unforgettable orgasms.

“Oriental Crystals” Froaming & Scented Dead See Salt 360 g
this salt helps you relax before lovemaking in arousing salt water reminiscent of green lagoons. Let the bubbles caress your skin, making it soft and inviting for those intense moment of intimacy.

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