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Tenga - Flex Fizzy Green
Manufacturer: Tenga
29.90 EUR
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Tenga - Flex Fizzy Green

Inside the Tenga Flex Fizzy Green are countless fine nubs that rub against your best piece and thrill with packed swirling sensations.

All Tenga products also contain a sample of Hole Lotion, Tenga's very own perfect lube for the masturbators, that you should add on the insertion hole and in the tunnel as well for some incredibly smooth and sliding sensations. Be sure to use only water-based lubes for easier cleanup after you're done.

The spiraling on the outside creates greater friction as it turns around your cock and enables perfect grip for intense stroking sessions. On the inside, the tunnel is filled with spherical chambers with different textures so you will feel each and every one of them as you slide through. You can also adapt your session to your liking by holding the masturbator with more or less strength as well as blocking or not the air hole. If you block it, the suction will be way more intense and the sensations will be heaven-like!

After you're done, wash thoroughly the inner sleeve with running water, then use the stand to let it air dry.

Product details:
✓ Super soft and stretchy elastomer
✓ Spiralling outer shell for great sensations
✓ Each chamber in the tunnel is textured differently
✓ Additional air hole for greater suction
✓ Smooth texture for great handling
✓ Tenga's Hole Lotion sample is included

Dimensions: 16 x 7.3 cm
Weight: 310 g
Material: elastomer, PP
Color: green

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